The Colors of Easter Jelly Bean Poem Christian Activities, Printable Book

The Colors of Easter Jelly Bean Poem Christian Activities, Printable Book

A student-made Easter Book, around the Room Activity, Art Activity, and Classroom Display based on The Colors of Easter jellybean poem. Easter Colors Fun and meaningful way for children relate jelly beans colors to the story concerning the crucifixion of Jesus Christ and his resurrection.

Students will engage in an activity called “Around the Room.” Review and reinforce the symbols of each jelly bean color, as well as the order in which the events are described in the poem. They also learn to recognize, read, and write color words, count, match, and write numbers.

Students will create student-made books. Review the poem and trace the color words. Then color the jelly beans in the appropriate colors. This allows students to have a Handmade reminders and keepsakes The poem and its story are both available.

Students will be able to see the classroom display. Bright visuals To remind them of The Colors of Easter. The display is made more meaningful by the fact that the jelly beans were created by the volunteers.

Ideal for Christian schools, Sunday school programs and homeschools.

♥ ♥ What other educators are saying about this resource: ♥ ♥

“My class enjoyed learning about Easter Story in this way. It was fresh and enjoyable for them.” – Cara de Montara

“A kid favourite!” – Angie J.

“This was a great activity for my kids to do with their parents at our Easter party. Thank you! – Angela P.

“I’ve tried something similar before, but this is so much more creative.” Jennifer B.

“My Sunday School class loved it!” – Lynn W.

“We used it in Chapel!” Great poem. Robin T.

“I have used this product for many years and my students absolutely love it every year.” Kayla B.

“Fun, meaningful!” Emily H.

“Love the pictures!” Dawn C.

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