Properties of Rectangles Cut and Paste Puzzle by All Things Algebra

Properties of Rectangles Cut and Paste Puzzle

Properties of Rectangles Cut-and-Paste Puzzle

This puzzle was designed to help students learn how to identify and use the properties of rectangles to solve problems for sides and angles. Students will need to solve multiple problems. These properties include: opposite sides are congruent; opposite sides are parallel; diagonals bisect one another; opposite angles are congruent; consecutive angles are supplementary; four right angles are supplementary and diagonals are congruent. These problems can be more difficult. This activity was designed for high school geometry classes.

Students solve each problem and then cut the squares. Included is a template to insert the solution and answer key. The box letters make it easier for students to organize their work and make it easier to grade.

This resource is part of the following bundles:

Quadrilaterals Puzzle Bundle – Cut and Paste

Geometry Curriculum (with activities)

Bundle of Geometry Activities

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