Probability and Statistics (Pre-Algebra – Unit 9) | All Things Algebra®

Probability and Statistics (Pre-Algebra - Unit 9) | All Things Algebra®

Probability & Statistics (Pre-Algebra Curriculum, Unit 9) | All Things Algebra®

DISTANCE LEARNING UPDATE This unit now has a Google Document with:

(1) Links to instructional videos. Fellow teachers create videos for students using the guided notes.  Please read the entire unit first before you share it with your students. We may not always be able or willing to help, but we will do our best in a limited time.

(2) A link that will take you to the Google Slides version. Each page is set to the background using Google Slides. There are no text boxes;  this is the PDF in Google Slides.  We are unable create text boxes at the moment, but this will save you a step if it is something you would like to use in Slides. 


This bundle includes notes, homework assignments and three quizzes. It also includes a study guide, a unit-test, and other resources that cover the following topics.

• Simple Probability

• Theoretical vs. Experimental Probability

• Counting Outcomes

• Tree Diagrams

• Fundamental Counting Principle

• Compound Probability; Independent vs. Dependent Events

• Probability with Replacement and Non-Replacement

• Populations vs. Samples

• Biased vs. Unbiased Samples

• Using Samples to Predict

• Measures of Central Tendency: Mean, Median, and Mode

• Range

• Mean Absolute Deviation

• Box-and-Whisker Plots

• Scatter Plots

• Line of Best Fit

• Two-Way Tables

NEW: Assessments now editable! Now you can make multiple versions and customize to suit your needs. These files can be edited using PowerPoint and Equation Editor, which are usually built into PowerPoint. When you download, there is a folder called “Editable Assessments”. Here you’ll find editable versions of each quiz as well as the unit test. If my Equation Editor is not compatible with yours, you can delete my equation and add your own.

This resource is part of the following bundles:

Pre-Algebra Curriculum

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Unit 2 – Algebraic Expressions

Unit 3 – Equations and Inequalities

Unit 4 – Ratios, Proportions, and Percents

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