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Center Signs for Preschool & Pre-K

A set of center signs for preschool and pre-k classrooms.

Yes, these files are editable! This zip file includes both the PDF and a text editable PowerPoint document. Also includes an editable Google Slides File!

Take a look at the preview to see all center signs.

Signs included:

Blocks Center

Art Center

House Center

Dramatic Play

Sensory Table

Science Center

Literacy Center

Writing Center

Math Center

Music Center

Reading Center

Listening Center

Fine Motor Center (alternate: Puzzles)

Tech Center (2 signs: shows computer & tablet, other shows smart board)

Pocket Chart Center

Games Center

Manipulatives Center

Play Dough Center

Snack Center

Calming Corner

Train Table

Social Studies


Bricks for Building

Bible Center

Circle Time Area

** Please be aware of the signs that are included in this package. If I have clip art or time, I might be able create additional signs. Remember that you are only purchasing the signs shown and not custom-made signs. If I can add more signs, that would be a bonus. Thanks for understanding! **

These posters measure approximately 8×11 inches. You can print smaller posters or cards if required. Check out my printing instructions:


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